Parking Lot Light Repair Service

Get your parking lot lights repaired or replaced right away when something goes wrong.
Our Parking Lot Light Repair Service

Our Parking Lot Light Repair Service 

Although your parking lot lights are often out of sight and out of mind, they’re actually one of the most important features of your commercial property. Parking lot lights impact everything from safety and security to energy efficiency and aesthetics. That’s why it’s important to have your lights repaired or replaced right away when something goes wrong.

Miami Power Company is here to fulfill your parking lot light repair needs quickly and professionally. Our commercial electricians will ensure that your parking lot is safe and energy-efficient. From installation to replacement and repairs, and specialized lighting like security lights and timer lights, we have a solution for all of your parking lighting needs!

For over ten years, we’ve been a trusted team of parking lot lighting contractors serving the Miami business community. We carry high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, and all of our work is performed by licensed, expert electricians.
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Parking Lot Light Repair Services We Offer

Miami Power Company is a group of full-service parking lot lighting contractors in Greater Miami.

Parking lot lighting installation

Our lighting installers can work with new construction sites and existing lots that require additional lighting. Simply show us your lighting plan, and we’ll complete the installation using lights products of your choice, including high-tech LED lighting.

Repair of parking lot lighting outages

If your parking lot outage was caused by something other than burned-out bulbs, we’ll evaluate the electrical system and determine the problem. Once we understand the issue, whether it’s due to faulty circuits or a blown fuse box, we’ll make quick work of upgrades and repairs.

Properly burning parking lot lights and signage

Parking lot lighting, and exterior lighting in general, including signs and security lights, are an important part of your property’s appearance. We can repair and replace burned-out signs and specialized lighting like LED lights, timer lights, and security lights.

Retrofit lighting

Outdated parking lots are inefficient and a potential fire hazard. We’ll remove your old lighting and replace it with contemporary parking lot lighting to enhance your property’s energy efficiency, beauty, and safety.

Timers programming and repair

Programmable timers make turning your parking lot lights on and off simple and convenient since they save you from having to do it manually. A popular usage of timer lights for commercial properties is having the lights automatically come on at dusk and switch off at sunrise.

Security lighting

The safety of your customers and employees becomes a top priority after dark. Security lights are excellent at dissuading intruders, especially when paired with motion-sensors.

Parking lot light bulb replacement

Like the bulbs in your fixtures at home, parking lot bulbs will also burn out and need replacement. We’ll arrive with a ladder or bucket truck to safely replace the bulb and restore your parking lot lighting.

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Parking Lot Light Repair Service for All Properties

Miami Power Company works with a wide range of commercial clients.
Car dealerships are unique in that most of their valuable merchandise is stored outside where it’s susceptible to theft and vandalism. Bright, comprehensive parking lot lighting is the best anti-theft deterrent for car dealerships. You can trust us to repair your burnt-out lights right away to restore your dealership’s security after dark.
Mall Parking Lot Light Repair Service
Retail shops are often open after dark, when area workers are ending their shifts and ready to do some retail therapy. Our parking lot repair service will keep your customers safe once the sun goes down!
Property Parking Light Repair Service
As a property manager, the safety of your tenants is your number one priority. We’ll help you with that goal by repairing your parking lot lights and external landscaping lights.
Office Parking Lot Repair Service
From parking lots to multi-story parking garages and underground lots, our electricians can provide light replacements and repairs for every style of commercial parking lot.








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