Ring Doorbell Installation Service

Our electricians will wire your new doorbell, integrate it with your home network, and even show you how to use it. Our Ring doorbell installation service will make your home more secure than ever!
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Looking for Electricians Who Install Ring Doorbells?

A modern home requires modern security. Our Ring doorbell installation service provides exactly that. Unlike traditional doorbells, Ring doorbells have a WiFi-enabled camera that streams live footage to your smart device. That means you can see who’s standing outside your door, even when you’re miles away at the office! 

Let our Ring doorbell technicians take care of the installation for you. We work with speed and accuracy to replace your old doorbell, wire the new one, and integrate it with your WiFi network and smart devices. It’s as easy as that!
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What is Included in Our Ring Doorbell Installation Service?

Miami Power Company provides full-service installations for Ring doorbells. When you partner with us for your smart doorbell installation, here’s a preview of what you can look forward to.

Assessment of installation area and compatibility

Before we install your new Ring doorbell, we’ll evaluate the site to ensure your door is compatible. As a rule of thumb, you have to have a pre-existing doorbell in order to have a smart bell installed. In most cases, the site will need just a minor amount of preparation work before it’s ready. However, we’ll let you know if it requires additional work and factor that into the cost.

Smart doorbell replacement or installation

To install your new doorbell, we’ll first remove the old doorbell and drill holes into the surface for the new Ring casing. Next, we’ll securely mount the new smart doorbell, wire it to your internal doorbell chime unit, and finish it off with a waterproof seal to protect it from rain.

Ring device set up and personalization

Now comes the cool part! We connect the new device to your WiFi and walk you through the first-time setup.

We teach you how to use it

Once the Ring doorbell installation service is complete, we’ll demonstrate how to use the doorbell and Ring mobile app.

Why Hire Our Ring Doorbell Installers?

Although Ring doorbells are rapidly gaining popularity, not all electricians are familiar with them. Here at Miami Power Company, we’re proud to say that we offer superb Ring doorbell installation service.


Don’t worry about the gimmicks or tricks that some electricians use for pricing. We’ll provide you with an up-front quote with accurate pricing. The quote includes the cost of labor, the price of your new Ring device, and any additional wiring or parts we’ll need.

Smart home experts

At Miami Power Company, our electricians have the technical knowledge to connect your new Ring doorbell to your wireless network, test it out, and troubleshoot any issues that arise during installation.


We’re committed to earning your complete satisfaction. Not only will we complete a precision-based Ring doorbell installation service, but we’ll also show you how to integrate your new doorbell with your phone or tablet. How cool is that?

Save time and frustration

Between wiring a new doorbell and setting up a new smart device, there are many opportunities for frustration. Save yourself a headache and rely on our expert Ring doorbell installers instead!

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ring Doorbell?

The cost of our Ring doorbell installation service depends on a few different factors, but generally speaking, the price will run between $200 and $300. One major price factor is your current doorbell. If we don’t have to do any additional wiring or site preparation, your project will be quicker, easier, and cheaper than an installation that requires extensive rewiring. 

In either case, Miami Power Company will furnish you with a free price estimate before we begin work.








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