Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Service

Our bathroom exhaust fan installation service guarantees low humidity levels in your bathroom to prevent mildew and mold growth. Hire our leading bathroom exhaust fan electricians in Greater Miami.
Exhaust Fan Installation

Do You Need Electricians Who Install Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

When the time comes to bathroom exhaust fan installation service, it’s important that professional electricians perform the job. Bathroom exhaust fans play an important role in keeping the humidity levels in your bathroom low. Without proper wiring and ventilation, your new exhaust fan won’t be able to route moisture and toxic odors out of your bathroom efficiently. 

Our electricians have extensive training and hands-on experience with bathroom exhaust fan installation and replacement, so you can trust that we’re up to the task.
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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Service We Offer

We provide bathroom exhaust fan installation service to residential and commercial customers, from small businesses to large commercial buildings.
Residential Exhaust Fan Installation Service

Residential Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Service

Your bathroom is a hard-working room between showers, baths, hand-washing, and daily hygiene activities. That means your bathroom is also one of the biggest sources of moisture and humidity in your home, which requires a solid solution to keep humidity levels safe. Bathroom exhaust fans are the solution your home needs!

With just the flick of a switch, your new exhaust fan will whirr to life and remove everything from moisture to toxic odors from your bathroom. Lower moisture levels make the room--and by extension, your entire home--safer and more breathable. For cleaner air quality, just look to the professional bathroom exhaust fan installation service by Miami Power Company!

Commercial BATHROOM EXHAUST FAN Installation Service

Miami Power Company provides quality bathroom exhaust fan installations to businesses and commercial facilities throughout Greater Miami. Although exhaust fans are a helpful feature for all bathrooms, they’re especially important in bathrooms that include showers, bathtubs, and hot tubs. That means we often partner with apartment buildings, gyms, and schools for bathroom fan installations.
Commercial Exhaust Fan Installation Service

How Much Does Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation Cost?

The price of installing a bathroom fan varies based on a few factors. As a rule of thumb, the overall cost can fall anywhere between $100 and $500. On the cheaper end of the spectrum are simpler replacements where the wiring and circuitry are already in place. In this case, we simply have to remove the old unit and wire the new one in place.

More expensive installations involve running new wiring, installing new ductwork, or reworking cabinetry to accommodate the new fan. This is typically the case if we have to install a bathroom fan from scratch, or if you would like to upgrade your fan to a larger size than the last one. 

In either case, you will receive a price estimate for service before we begin!
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Why Call Our Bathroom Exhaust Fan Electricians?

Not all electricians are made alike, which is why it’s important to partner with an electrician you can trust to complete a precise, professional exhaust fan installation.

Your safety first

We take all the proper safety precautions while installing and wiring your bathroom fan. Everything is performed up to code to eliminate the risk of electrical shocks and electrical fires.


Bathroom fans are tricky to install because they need proper wiring and ventilation. Fortunately, our electricians have the proper training to complete a step-by-step fan installation successfully.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our goal is to earn your satisfaction with our work. We’ll address any concerns you have right away!

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Call Our Bathroom Exhaust Fan Electricians

You can have cleaner, fresher smelling air in your bathroom with bathroom fan installation service by Miami Power Company. With over ten years in business and over 200 clients served, you can trust that we have what it takes to install a long-lasting exhaust fan.

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