LED Lighting Installation Service

When you need quick, detail-oriented LED light installation service, you can trust Miami Power Company.
Our LED Light Installation Service

Our LED Light Installation Service

LED lights first emerged as a cleaner, more energy efficient alternative to the incandescent bulbs traditionally used in light fixtures. Since then, they’ve evolved into their own style of lighting and now come in many exciting formats, from bulbs to flexible strips. That means LED lights are excellent for both bright task lighting and decorative mood lighting.

Miami Power Company is a trusted LED light installation company in Miami. That’s because we’ve serviced the Miami area for over ten years, and in that time we have completed more than 350 projects for 200 clients and counting. When you need quick, detail-oriented LED light installation service, you can trust that we are up to the challenge.
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LED Light Installation Services We Offer

We provide LED light installation services to residential and commercial customers, from small homes to large commercial buildings.
Residential LED Light Installation Service

Residential LED Light Installation Service

LED lighting is both versatile and energy efficient, which is why it’s a popular lighting option for homes in Miami. Our LED light installation company is here to help you achieve your home lighting vision. We’ll take your ideas and turn them into a workable LED lighting and design and complete the installation using high-quality lighting products. The end result will be a beautiful, efficient design that enhances the mood of your home! When you’re ready to begin, we’ll provide you with a free price quote for competitively priced service.

Commercial LED Light Installation Service

We can add ambient illumination to your commercial building with our LED light service. We work with a wide range of commercial clients, including small businesses, schools, hospitals, and factories. You can trust that our LED electricians understand your unique needs as a company. We’ll listen to your design needs, select the best LED lighting products, and complete a flawless installation. We’re proud of our reputation for providing competitively priced LED installation services, so you can look forward to honest pricing with no gimmicks or hidden fees.
Commercial LED Light Installation Service

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LED Lights Installation Project


Here at Miami Power Company, we highly recommend putting any home electrical project in the hands of seasoned professionals. Even projects that seem relatively minor, like replacing a burnt-out LED can light, can be hazardous. Shocks during home electrical projects are common, as are electrical fires caused by improperly installed wiring. Skip the emergency room visit and let our LED electricians handle the project for you. Our electricians are extensively trained on LED light installation techniques and best practices, so you can feel confident that we will have the job completed safely.


In addition to safety, our electricians also have a professional eye for design, which is important when working with a lighting style as versatile as LED. There are many creative designs and effects we can make with LED lighting. We’ve learned these designs over the course of our ten years in business, and we’re happy to share them with you!








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Miami Power Company is a leading provider of dependable electrical installation services in Greater Miami. Our customers can attest to that. 
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Our LED electricians will ensure your installation or replacement is handled with safety, accuracy, and precision. For professional LED light installation service at a competitive price, look no further than Miami Power Company.

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