Attic Fan Installation Service

Our attic fan installation service will make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. This means cooler temperatures during summer, lower utility bills, and less moisture damage. 
Attic Fan Installer

Do You Need Electricians Who Install Attic Fans?

Did you know that your attic is the hottest room in your house? This is especially true here in South Florida, where we experience heat, humidity, and intense sunshine on more days than not!

Here at Miami Power Company, we’ve provided expert attic fan installation services for over ten years. Between our high-quality lineup of attic fans and our technical expertise, you can look forward to receiving a highly effective, long-lasting solution for your attic. 

Since our electricians have extensive knowledge of electrical work and thermodynamics, we can confidently help you choose the correct size and horsepower of fan for your attic. After we complete a quality installation, you can look forward to cooler air, cheaper utility bills, and lower humidity levels in your home.
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Why Call Our Attic Fan Installers?

It’s no surprise that we are one of the go-to attic fan installation contractors in Miami. When you partner with us, you can look forward to competitive pricing, dedicated service, and more.
Attic Fan Installed


Your safety is our number one priority. We perform safe, accurate installations of wiring, fans, and devices to minimize the risk of hazards like fires and electrocutions.


Attempting to install your own attic fan is difficult and potentially dangerous. The fan has to be the correct size and power for your home; otherwise it will underperform or waste energy. Let our experts choose the best fan for your needs and complete a flawless installation for you!

Satisfaction guaranteed

We strive to complete every attic fan project to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. From choosing the right fan to answering any questions you may have and addressing your concerns, you can expect our full dedication for every step of the project.

Attic Fan Installation Services We Offer

We work with both residential and commercial clients across, from small businesses to large commercial buildings and almost everything in between.

Commercial Attic Fan Installation Service

We can install a commercial attic fan at your facility to boost its comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. We work with fans in a wide range of styles, sizes, and power levels. In fact, our electricians will use their expertise to choose the ideal fan for your property, in addition to completing a precision-based installation. Once the fan installation is completed, you’ll notice greater energy efficiency and more comfortable air temperatures throughout the building.
Commercial Attic Fan Installation
Residential Attic Fan Installation

Residential Attic Fan Installation Service

When it comes to attic installation services, Miami Power Company is one of the top choices. We stand out thanks to our diligence, training, and commitment to satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits of our attic fan installation service:

- Greater energy efficiency
- Lower utility bills
- Cooler indoor air temperature
- Lower humidity indoor levels
- Less prevalence of attic mold and mildew
- Better indoor air quality

How Much Does Attic Fan Installation Cost?

The cost of your attic fan installation service is based on the size of the fan and its location. Fans for larger attics, like commercial attics or large residential properties, are typically costlier than fans for small, single-family homes. 

Another factor that impacts pricing is your attic’s electrical infrastructure. If wiring already exists in your attic, our job is to simply connect the fan to the wiring and mount it. However, if your attic doesn’t have existing wiring, we’ll have to install new cables which will increase the project’s total cost. 

In general, the fan itself can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 depending its size. We’ll add the cost of hourly labor on top of that to reach the final price.

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Miami Power Company is a leading provider of dependable electrical installation services in Greater Miami. Our customers can attest to that. 
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Before we begin your project, we’ll schedule a consultation where we can get to know your ventilation needs and make expert recommendations for your situation. Call Miami Power Company today to schedule your attic fan installation service!








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