Security Camera Installation Service

Boost the security of your home or commercial property with our professional security camera installation service. We can handle projects of any size!
Our Security Camera Installation Company

Professional Security Camera Installation Service

Miami Power Company provides professional security camera installation service for homes and businesses throughout Greater Miami. Our security camera installers have over ten years of experience in installing comprehensive security systems to enhance the safety of your property. 

We offer both indoor and outdoor camera systems that we can expertly pair with secure lighting features like motion sensor lights, parking lot lights, and timer lights.

Hire our security camera installers and enhance the security of your home or business!
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Security Camera Installation Services We Offer

We offer a full suite of residential and commercial security camera installation services in Greater Miami.
Home Security Camera Installation Service

Home Security Camera Installation Service

Having cameras around your property is a great way to protect your home and boost your peace of mind. Cameras mounted to your home’s exterior will monitor any activity on your property, dissuading potential burglars and catching vandals in the act. We can also mount cameras inside your home if you’re concerned about intruders entering the premises uninvited. Whatever you have in mind, we have high-end security equipment to keep you feeling safe in your own home.
Commercial Security Camera Installation Service

Business Security Camera Installation Service

Every business needs a solid security system to keep their storefront and merchandise protected. Cameras can protect your business from inventory loss, and safeguard your employees and customers as they traverse the parking lot at night. We can outfit your business with all the cameras you need to feel safe, both inside the facility and outside. We can even connect your cameras to on-site monitors or televisions where your security staff can monitor the premises around the clock.

What Is Included in Our Security Camera Installation Service?

When you partner with Miami Power Company, you can feel confident that you’re receiving all of the services you need to keep your property safe and secure.

Selection of cameras locations

Before we start the installation, we’ll offer you expert advice on where to locate cameras around your property. We may suggest cameras facing your property’s entry and exit points, as well as areas where you store expensive equipment, merchandise, or cars.

Installation and concealing of cables

Once you’ve selected your locations, we’ll securely install the new cameras using durable mounting and screws. We’ll make sure the cables are hidden to prevent tampering and create a subtle impression on guests.

Secure mounting and weatherproofing

For exterior cameras, we’ll add additional weatherproofing seals to prevent water from damaging the delicate circuitry within your cameras and any exposed wiring.

Setup of DVR/NVR unit

For commercial clients who would like to have recordings of security footage, we can hook up your camera to a DVR unit in a secure location. We can also have your security feeds displayed on monitors or televisions if you so choose.

Regulatory compliance

If your business requires a surveillance system to comply with certain regular requirements, or if you require a system that provides recordings for insurance purposes, just let us know, and we’ll connect you with the right solution for your needs.

Your safety first

Miami Power Company is a security camera company that values your safety. That’s why all of our camera installations are performed by licensed electricians with years of hands-on experience wiring security systems around Greater Miami.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Security Cameras?

The exact price of your project depends on a few important factors, like the number of cameras you need to have installed, the length of the installation, and whether or not you need the cameras linked to monitors or recording devices. 

You can get exact information about your project from our security camera installers by giving us a call and requesting a free price estimate.
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A professional security camera installation handled by our electricians is an excellent way to boost the security of your home or commercial property. We work with state of the art security cameras, which are an excellent complement to security lighting features like parking lot lights and motion sensor lights. You can rest assured that we are the right security camera company for the job!

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