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We are a leading provider of light fixtures installation service in Greater Miami. We serve both residential and commercial clients.
Light Fixtures Installation Company

Our Light Fixture Installation Service

Miami Power Company provides fast, detail-oriented light fixture installation service at a competitive price. Our electricians work with a wide range of fixtures, from exterior motion sensor lights to popular interior varieties like recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and more.

Even when installing light fixtures may sound like a fairly straightforward task, the truth is that any project that involves electrical wiring and circuitry should be handled by a professional. Our electricians are trained on the technical aspects of lighting installation and have rigorous safety training, far beyond what the average homeowner has.

For over ten years, we’ve served the Miami area with affordable fixture installations. In fact, we’ve completed over 350 installations for 200 clients. Are you ready to become the next one?
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Install Light Fixtures

The short answer? Yes. When you need light fixture installation service, it's better to call the professionals.
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Attempting the same project over and over again can be costly and frustrating. Instead, spare your wallet by making a one-time investment in Miami Power Company.


With over ten years of experience and extensive electrical training under our belts, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the best light fixtures installation service in Miami.


You'll never have to worry about whether the blue wire is supposed to connect with the red or green wire ever again. Your lighting installation will be stress-free thanks to Miami Power Company.


Even simple lighting projects can have dangerous consequences for your health and safety. Let our trained experts handle it instead.

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What Light Fixtures Installation Services We Offer?

We install a range of different lighting types for both homes and businesses. We can install wiring for brand new fixtures or replace existing fixtures, both inside and outside with safety and accuracy.

Chandelier installation

Chandeliers are a beautiful type of statement lighting, but due to their size and the height of installation, the job is best left to our professional light fixtures installers.
We can install wiring for new lamps in your choice of location, in addition to upgrading existing lamps with something brighter and newer.
Pendant lights are a popular addition to residential kitchens and bathrooms thanks to their pleasant ambiance. We’ll remove your old fixture and securely install a beautiful pendant light in its place.
Ballast lights are bright ceiling lights popularly used in business facilities; we’ll replace your old, burned-out ballast lights so you don’t have to!
If your home could benefit from the pleasant, on-demand breeze of a ceiling fan, simply pick one out and we’ll make sure it’s installed safely and securely.
Ceiling fans create comforting airflow on humid days and can even help reduce your cooling bills. Our electrical lighting installation company will securely install your ceiling fan for maximum comfort.
If your light switch is broken, loose, or creating sparks, we’ll safely remove the damaged unit and replace it with a reliable upgrade.

LED lights installation and replacement

LED lights come in a stunning range of colors and designs, which makes them the perfect style of accent lighting. Tell us your LED lighting vision, and we’ll make it happen!

Dimmer switch installation and replacement

Installing a dimmer switch lets you control the full spectrum of lighting in your home or business, from bright white to dark and moody.

Timer switch installation

A timer switch lets you control when your lights come on and off at various times throughout the day. They’re a popular light fixtures installation service for businesses and frequent travelers.

Smart lights installation

With just the push of a button, you can turn your lights on and off while miles away from home. Our electricians have the training to integrate your smart lights with your high-tech gadgets.

Motion sensor lights installation

Excellent for security, motion sensor lights will flicker on as soon as they detect movement. Miami Power Company can install motion sensor lighting on both the interior and exterior of your property.

Light Fixture Installation Service for Everyone

Miami Power Company provides high-quality light fixtures installation service to homeowners and businesses in Greater Miami.


Our light fixtures installers can install brand new light fixtures and replace existing fixtures throughout your home. We work with a wide array of residential lighting types, including pendant lights, ceiling fans, motion sensor lights, and more.
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We are capable of installing lighting systems to meet all of your business needs, from interior task lighting used during the day to exterior motion sensor lights to secure the premises after close of business.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Light Fixture?

Although the cost of installing a light fixture varies based on the type of fixture and condition of your wiring, the price usually falls somewhere between $75-125. As a rule of thumb, replacing an existing light fixture is more budget-friendly than installing wiring for a brand new fixture.
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Don't Take Our Word For It

Miami Power Company is a leading provider of lighting installation services in Greater Miami. Our customers can attest to that. 
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"They did a Great job at my home installing a new panel. Everything looks nice and organized. Definitely would recommend hiring to do any electrical work."

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Your light fixture installation service will be a breeze if you let Miami Power Company handle it. Extensive hands-on experience. Detail-oriented service. Competitive pricing. Let us be your go-to choice for light fixture installation service in Greater Miami. Call today!

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