Electrical Panel Upgrade Service

We provide reliable electrical panel upgrade, replacement, and repair services to homes and businesses in Greater Miami.
Electrical Panel Upgrade and Replacement

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Replacement Services

Miami Power Company provides high-quality electrical panel services to homes and businesses throughout Greater Miami. Our electricians are licensed, certified, and trained to handle the complex task of removing outdated panels and updating them with newer, more powerful panels.

In addition to installing main panels, we also work with sub-panels. A subpanel gives you greater flexibility and safety when operating multiple appliances or energy-heavy equipment in your property. For example, you may want a sub-panel for your garage, workshop, or exterior spaces like swimming pools and landscape lights.

When you partner with Miami Power Company for your electrical panel upgrade service, you can feel confident that the unit will safely meet your energy needs.
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Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

There are many good reasons to replace or upgrade your electrical panel.
At the core of every home or business electrical system there is an electrical panel. That’s because electricity is routed through the panel before it spreads out to your various fixtures, appliances, and devices. Electrical panels are also responsible for keeping your property safe in the event of power surges and outages. Over time, your panel may begin to wear out or lag behind your energy demands. In that case, we can replace your old panel with something safer and more energy efficient!

Here are some common signs that you need to replace your old electrical panel.
Breakers trip frequently
Appliances running on only partial power
Conductors are easily overheated
Lights flicker on and off
Panel box crackles
Electrical panel is old and outdated

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Electrical Panel Upgrade Services for Everyone

Miami Power Company provides electrical panel services to both residential and commercial clients in Greater Miami.
If your home is more than 40 years old, it’s probably due for an upgrade. Aging electrical systems can’t keep up with today’s high-tech demands, which translates into issues like tripped breakers, overheated circuits, and even electrical fires. Let us upgrade your panel to boost the safety and efficiency of your home!
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Commercial buildings with outdated electrical panels should have them upgraded to meet the demands of the contemporary business world. Older office buildings often still have old fuse boxes, which are less effective and more dangerous than modern electrical panels. Let us give your commercial property a safer, steadier supply of energy.

Electrical Panel Services We Offer

We provide electrical panel upgrade services to residential and commercial customers, from small homes to large commercial buildings.
Electrical Panel Installation and Relocation

Electrical Panel Installation and Relocation Service

We can install brand new electrical panels at construction sites and relocate existing panels to a more practical area of your home or business. This is a popular option for homeowners who are remodeling their homes or simply wish to move the panel to a safer location. Our electricians will help you choose an ideal new location for the panel and complete the relocation with speed and precision.

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Replacement Service

As electrical panels age, they struggle to keep up with your energy needs. That’s because older panels were designed to handle 30-40 amps of power, while today’s high-tech homes require 200 amps or more. If your electrical panel is unable to keep up, we can upgrade it with a newer, more powerful panel. We’ll determine the correct size panel for your household, safely remove the old one, and install the new panel with precision and accuracy.
Electrical Panel Replacement
Circuit Breaker Repair Service

Circuit Breaker Repair Service

Circuit breaker replacement is an excellent solution to issues like overloaded circuits, outdated circuit breakers, and faulty breakers. Since electrical panel repair isn’t always a feasible option, a full electrical panel replacement is your best bet. Signs of a faulty circuit breaker include feeling hot to the touch or smelling like it’s burning.

Fuse Box Repair Service

Fuse boxes are an older version of the modern electrical panel. Today, fuse boxes are mostly obsolete because they can’t keep up with the electrical needs of a modern home or office. They’re also a major risk of fires and electrocution, which is why we recommend replacement over electrical panel repair. We will safely remove your old fuse box, upgrade the wiring, and connect it to a brand new electrical pan
Fuse Box Repair








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FAQ About Our Electrical Panel Upgrade Service

We have answers to all your questions about our electrical panel upgrade service.
How much does it cost to replace or upgrade an electrical panel?
Miami Power Company uses individual pricing for each electrical panel replacement because so many factors impact the price. A few of the factors we take into consideration are the location, site conditions, and scope of the project. For example, if the existing installation site and wiring are badly corroded and need extensive rehab work before we can safely install a new panel, then the price tag will be considerably higher than simply installing a secondary panel for a generator.
How long does it take to upgrade the electrical panel?
The length of your project depends on its unique circumstances. An electrical panel upgrade can take as little as a couple of hours or as long as several days. Longer projects tend to take place at older homes that require substantial upgrades to old wiring and circuitry. Before we start the project, we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete so you can plan ahead.
Do I need an electrician to replace or upgrade a electrical panel?
A DIY electrical panel replacement is incredibly dangerous. Even amateur electricians have a high risk of accidentally electrocuting themselves or starting an electrical fire. That’s why an electrical panel upgrade should only be handled by licensed electricians.

The electricians at Miami Power Company have the training, safety equipment, and knowledge of local electrical codes necessary to perform electrical panel repair so you don’t have to! We’ll evaluate your current electrical panel and upgrade it with a newer, safer electrical panel to meet your property's energy needs.
Can your electricians replace fuse box with breaker panel?
Yes. While both systems are used to control your home’s power supply, breaker panels are the newer and safer alternative to fuse boxes. If you live in an older home that still relies on a fuse box for power, we recommend having it upgraded to reduce the risk of electrical fires and streamline your home’s energy efficiency.
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