Nest Thermostat Installation Service

Our Nest thermostat installation service will automatically adjust the temperature in your home to keep it comfortable all day and all night long.
Nest Thermostats

Looking for Electricians Who Install Nest Thermostats?

Tired of battling your roommates or co-workers for who have control of the thermostat? Then, our Nest thermostat installation service is a perfect solution for you!

Unlike traditional thermostats, which are manually operated by the user, Nest thermostats use “smart” technology to automatically calibrate the temperature in your home. Not only does this make your home feel more comfortable, but the consistent temperature will boost your home’s energy efficiency and help you save on utility bills. How cool is that?

Nest Thermostats can also be connected to WiFi-enabled devices, like smartphones and tablets, so you can control your thermostat from outside the home. Our technicians will help you integrate your new smart thermostat with your devices and show you how to use all the exciting features.
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What is Included in Our Nest Thermostat Installation Service?

We are a full-service provider of Nest thermostat installation service in Greater Miami. We work with both residential and commercial clients since businesses and commercial facilities can also benefit from smart thermostat technology.

Assessment of installation area and compatibility

Before we start the Nest thermostat installation service, we’ll assess your current thermostat to determine if it’s a suitable candidate for being upgraded to a Nest.

Nest device installation or replacement

We’ll start the Nest thermostat installation service by removing your old thermostat. Next, we’ll mount the new device and connect it to the proper wiring. Finally, we’ll finish the installation with a decorative trim plate.

Nest device set up and personalization

Once the physical installation is complete, we’ll set-up the device and integrate it with your home WiFi network as well as any smart devices you plan on using.

We teach you how to use it

Not the most tech-savvy person in the world? Not to worry! Our Nest thermostat Installers will do an in-person demonstration of your new thermostat and show you how to use all of the important features. You’ll like a Nest thermostat master in no time!

Why Hire Our Nest Thermostat Installers?

Miami Power Company is set apart from other electricians in Miami because we’re also experts with smart home technology.


Before we begin the installation, we’ll listen to your needs, evaluate your home, and put together a free price estimate. The estimate will include up-front information about the cost of your new Nest thermostat, installation, and set-up fees.

Smart home experts

We’re also experts at installing and configuring smart home devices like Nest thermostats. We want to make your Nest thermostat installation service as streamlined as possible, which is why we handle the entire device set-up.


At Miami Power Company, we’ll work hard to earn your satisfaction. If you have any concerns that arise during the thermostat installation, just let us know and we’ll take care of them right away!

Save time and frustration

Setting up a Nest thermostat requires a delicate balance of electrical work and tech-savviness. We have both! That means you don’t have to worry about the stress or hassle of trying to set-up your own smart thermostat without an expert to guide you. Leave the technical stuff to us!
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Get on the Phone With Our Nest Thermostat Installers

We can make your home more comfortable and efficient with a Nest thermostat. Our technicians are here to provide a fast, professional Nest thermostat installation service for a competitive price. We’ll even configure the thermostat for you, connect it to your devices, and show you how to use the app! For full-service Nest installation service, look no further!

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