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In need of reliable commercial lighting services? Our electricians will handle all of your commercial electrical needs with professionalism and precision.
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Do You Need a Commercial Lighting Company?

While there are many electricians to choose from in Greater Miami, not all of them have experience working with commercial clients. From a technical perspective, commercial lighting services are very different from residential electrical work. Plus, electrical infrastructures at commercial sites must comply with a very different set of codes regarding building and safety.

Here at Miami Power Company, we’ve provided quality commercial lighting services to the Greater Miami business community for over ten years. Our team of electricians is licensed and trained to handle everything from commercial fixture installation to retro-fitting old wiring and more.
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Commercial Lighting Services We Offer

We are full-service commercial electricians in Greater Miami. Our business partners can look forward to a wide range of commercial lighting services.

Indoor lighting installation

From overhead lights in workspaces to emergency lights in the stairwells, our electricians will have your commercial space fully illuminated.
Our electricians work with a wide variety of fixture styles, including recessed lighting, pendant lighting, ballast lighting, and even landscape lighting.
If you’d like to make a grand impression in your lobby or event space with a chandelier, you can count on us to install it.

Lamp installation and replacement

Built-in lamps and wall sconces add a nice ambiance to hallways, lobbies, and bathrooms in commercial spaces. Just choose your favorite style of lamp, and we’ll handle the installation.

Pendant lights installation and replacement

Pendant lights are a popular choice for dining areas, boardrooms, and lobbies. They offer a subtle glow and come in a variety of styles and designs, all of which are included in our commercial lighting services.

Bulb and ballast replacement

If the bulbs burn out in your overhead ballast lights, we can install them with fresh fluorescent light tubes.

Ceiling lights installation

Our electricians can install ceiling lights in almost every style, including ballast, pendant, recessed, and chandelier.
Recessed lights are built into the ceiling, which makes them an excellent option for ambient lighting and spot-lighting. We can install new recessed lights and retrofit old ones to create the perfect atmosphere for your business.
Our team will install new light switches at your commercial construction site or replace old ones that are faulty, broken, or outdated.

Parking lot light installation

Businesses never truly sleep, which is why we’ll outfit your parking lot with bright lights to keep your clients and employees safe when the sun goes down.

Dimmer switch installation and replacement

Upgrading your lights with a dimmer switch gives you the opportunity to adjust the lighting atmosphere in your commercial property.

Timer switch installation

With timer switches, you can schedule when certain lighting features come on and turn off. This is a perfect feature for commercial properties where you may wish to have ambient or security lighting on at night.

Smart lights installation

Smart lights integrate with internet-enabled devices like phones, tablets, and computers. This gives you the power to control your commercial property’s lighting with the click of a button.

Motion sensor lights installation

Excellent for security as well as energy efficiency, motion sensor lights are designed to turn off when a room is no longer in use.

Landscape lighting

We provide full-service landscaping electrical work, including parking lot lights, outdoor security lights, and ambient landscaping lights.

Security lighting installation

We’ll help you keep your property safe at night with motion-activated flood lights and bright parking lot lighting.

Why Hire Our Commercial Lighting Company?

We are a leading provider of commercial lighting services in Greater Miami, and that’s no real surprise when you consider the many advantages we offer our business clients.
Commercial Lighting Company


Our lighting installations are as beautiful as they are reliable, secure, and efficient. We work with a wide variety of lighting styles and fixtures, from chandeliers to landscape lighting and more.


With our robust selection of outdoor lighting options and motion sensor lighting, we’ll keep your property safe from introducers at night, both inside and out.


Our licensed electricians will inspect your building for issues like faulty wiring, outdated circuit breakers, and other signs of aging electrical infrastructure. We’ll bring any issues to your attention and put together a plan to either repair the issue or replace the decrepit electrical work.


For our commercial lighting services, we use only reliable lighting products, including fixtures, cables, outlets, and switches. Our products are from trusted brands with top-safety ratings.








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